Angelamfi Hitra

Please contact us on telephone +4772465300 or for offers on accommodation and boat rental.

Tel: + 47 72 46 53 00   |   E-mail: | Billing adress: Steinsjø AS, postboks 133, 7239 Hitra

How to get here:


From Trondheim to Orkanger you drive the E6 and E39. From Orkanger you follow FV 714 to Hitra and on to Frøya. The islands are connected to the mainland via two subsea road tunnels.

There are toll roads along the way, but the tunnels to Hitra and Frøya are free. On the way beyond you will experience varied scenery with high mountains, fjords, fishing waters, waterfalls and deer.


With the Coast Express (route 800) you can travel to Hitra from Trondheim or Kristiansund. Hitra is located in the middle of Trondheim and Kristiansund, and the boat ride takes about one hour and 45 minutes.

The boat passes many idyllic places, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

The coastal press corresponds to bus route 420 above Hitra to Frøya and Dyrøy ferry port (see pdf for route 420) and you can travel further in Øyrekka by express boat or ferry (see route 820).


AtB has daily departures with route 320 from Trondheim to Hitra and Frøya.

To Kvenvær you come with route 5206 from Fillan

Timetable information

You will find an overview of all bus and boat routes in the region. You can also call Route information on 177.