Outdoor enthusiasts & photographers

Hitra is full of opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s on land or out on the sea. The island is of course known for its great fishing spots and the great diversity of species in the sea, but there are some truly spectacular experiences waiting for those who choose to explore the island on foot.

In Kvenvær we’ve got a total of 21 fishing cabins and apartments for rent, and in Grefsnesvågen we’ve got 19.


Hikes and fishing

There are several different trails to explore on Hitra, and we’ll be more than happy to share our best tips with you. If you’re chasing beautiful views, we can recommend hikes to Skårfjellet, Håvikfjellet, Mørkdalstuva – all of them are mountaintops with great views. Or what about hiking on the spectacular Tonningen, a characteristic mountain with its steep mountain sides and flat top. Here you’ll get a beautiful view over Kvenværsøyan to the west and Bispøyan to the north. These hikes give you great photo opportunities, and if you schedule your hike to either sunset or sunrise, you’re guaranteed a winning photo.

Hitra is also full of small lakes that are perfectly suited for some fresh-water fishing. Chase the delicious trout or eel, which you can gut and prepare in one of our gutting rooms.


In addition to the great nature photos you’ll be able to get from the many hiking opportunities, you can also get some good photos of the rich wildlife on this island. For instance, you can go on an eagle safari and spot the flying king of the sea soar through the air, hunting for fish. Or you can visit the DalPro deer farm and get some great photos there as well.