Diving, free diving and spearfishing

Divers and free divers are in for a treat when visiting Hitra, as the island offers a diverse maritime life and fantastic diving experiences. Among the things you’ll get to enjoy are lots of beautiful drift diving experiences and dive sites with various landscapes. You can expect to find sand bottoms, large kelp forests, great vertical walls and maybe historical wreck.

The rich species diversity, water temperature and clean water ensure optimal conditions for your diving trip, and you can expect to find both scallops, blue mussels, cockles, crabs and much more on the seabed. Dive straight from one of our piers or go out to sea with one of our boats and dive from there.

At Grefsnesvågen right next to our apartments, we’ve got facilities for air filling, where you can fill up diving bottles to both 300bar and 200bar.

At Angelamfi we’ve got gutting rooms where you can prepare the delicacies you’ve brought back.

The gutting rooms are well adapted in relation to the current pandemic situation.

Weekend trips with Havsport

Here you will find Diving Meetings in week 30 and weekend trips with a trip to Angelamfi.

Diving trips – Dykkershop.no

Join a diving trip to Hitra!
Dolmsundet Marina.
A new trip is planned for the autumn!

Diving trip to Hitra – Grefsnesvågen
Long weekend from 13 May to 17 May.