Friends trip

Nothing is better than a proper quality vacation or a weekend trip with a group of friends. It is on trips like these that the good memories are created, which will be remembered during several dinner parties afterwards. Angelamfi Hitra gives you these memories by inviting you and your friends on wonderful activities such as fishing, RIB, boating licence, golf, jacuzzi and last but not least delicious food and drinks.

In Kvenvær we’ve got a total of 21 fishing cabins and apartments for rent, and in Grefsnesvågen we’ve got 19.


Boating licence

Angelamfi offers a boating licence course for those who wants to learn how to drive a boat or dreaming of owning their own boat one day. The course duration is one day, and after completing it you’ll get a boat driver’s licence. The course contains both a theoretical part and practical part, where you’ll get driving lessons in one of our boats. The course can be taken alone or in a group of up to 5 people.

Jacuzzi and sauna

To hop in a warm hot tub after a day full of activities is a lovely and relaxing feeling. In the hot tub you’ll be able to recharge the batteries and unwind with the beautiful nature surrounding you. Our luxurious hot tub has room for 5-6 people.

We also have saunas and two outdoor showers, in addition to private saunas in the fishing cabins.


For the ones who enjoy fast-paced and extra fun experiences, our RIB will not disappoint. This is the perfect activity for the adventurous ones, and in addition to all the fun it also offers a great view of the beautiful nature on the island. Our RIB has room for 10 people, including the driver.


Hitra offers great variation when it comes to fishing, and you can expect to get loads of different species on your fishing hook. The species diversity in the sea is what makes this place ideal for a lot of fishermen from all over the world. Everyone will get fish on their hooks here, whether they’re experienced or beginners.

We also have a gutting room with necessary equipment where you can gut and prepare the catch of the day.

Food & drink

The coast of Trøndelag provides a great culinary experience, and if you’re a fan of local food you have definitely come to the right place. In addition to fish and shellfish, you’ll also be able to try some deer, wild sheep and world class cheese.
We’ll be happy to invite you to a beer and cheese tasting, for example, with tasteful cheeses from Hitra Gårdsmat and quality beer from local breweries. This will definitely be a hit amongst everyone in the group.


For the golf enthusiast, we’ll happily recommend Hitra Golfklubb which is a barely 30-minute car ride away from Angelamfi. This is a popular activity amongst our guests.


Hitra is known for its beautiful nature, and it is just as gorgeous on foot as from the boat. There are several hike and bike trails nearby, and you can even rent a bike from us if needed. Our employees will happily share their best tips on where to go, whether you’re chasing mountain top views or coastal trails.

Right behind Angelamfi you’ll find a barbeque cabin which has room for 8 people. Here you can relax after a long, fun day, and you can prepare your dinner on the barbeque or just relax in the cosy surroundings.