From 15th of july we welcome guests from “green” countries

From 15th of july we welcome guests from “green” countries

For other countries news will be released about situation late in July.

Diving in Hitra

Some of the best diving in the world ?

Angelamfi Hitra is the perfect location for your diving holiday as Hitra has some of the best and exceptional diving spots in Norway, her you will have easy access to the best dive sites both from shore and by boat.

Some of the dives you can enjoy:

  • Drift diving (from streams with max. depth of 10 meters, 5-10 knots, to “Bigstream” at “Barmfjorden”, 12-15 knots)
  • Wall dives (max. depht from 18-70 meters)
  • Wrecks (“MS Kletten”, “MS Sandsvalen”)
  • Makrodives
  • Night dives (many spots of all variations, also in difficulties)
  • Scallop dives (huge amounts of big scallops)
  • Hunting dives (very good possibilities in catching a variety of fish species).

In Norway it’s allowed for divers to hunt, like you do as a fisherman. Note that catching lobsters is prohibited by law.

We have a diving air compressor and can offer you air filling on the site. All diving bottle filling at the customer’s own risk..

If you dont have your own, diving equipment can be rented in Trondheim at Havsport Dykkersenter